A Cyclist’s Third Testicle    

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A Cyclist’s Third Testicle    

Published this month was an article about an increasingly common problem – Cyclist 3rd testicle!

Actually it is perineal (the area between the testicle and anus) nodular induration (PNI). It is actually a rare benign (noncancerous) lump that forms from repeat minor trauma like riding for a long time on a inadequately padded seat.

PNI presents with a painful lump located as described with normal skin/scrotum covering. It can grow to be 3cm across.  Management includes rest (not riding) changing the saddle, padded shorts, injections of steroid and or hyaluronidase and sometimes even surgery.

So not as bad as getting run off the road by a motorist who cannot see cyclists but not as good has having coffee with friends after a 40 km ride.


Surgical excision of perineal nodular induration: A cyclist’s third testicle

Canadian Urological Association journal 11(5):244 May 2017