CALIBRE Clinic is being recognised globally as the leader in injectable penis augmentation.

We have various solutions and procedures to suit your needs. No matter what your gender, we can all have hang-ups about our bodies and what they are capable of. When it comes to the bedroom, there is a lot of pressure on men to be the instigators of sex and have the ability to “perform well.” Many men however can feel inferior and self-conscious due to the size of their penis or due to erectile dysfunction.

Studies show that up to 60% of men are unsatisfied with the size or appearance of their penis. No one enjoys lacking confidence, especially when being intimate with another person. So, what if there was a way to boost your confidence by enlarging your penis through a brief, non-surgical procedure? What if we told you the results were immediate, long-lasting yet reversible and also had minimal downtime? Look no further. CALIBRE Clinic is being recognised globally as the leader in injectable penis augmentation. Read more about our procedures below. 


Penis Enlargement

The CALIBRE penis enlargement procedure is a doctor-performed injectable that is designed to noticeably increase erect and flaccid penile girth, along with flaccid length. Our team at CALIBRE Clinic will discuss the goals of your penis augmentation, and whether our non-surgical solution is right for you.

The CALIBRE Penis Enlargement procedure is the injection of dermal fillers just below the penile skin. It is a cosmetic medical technique similar to the injection of dermal fillers into the lips and cheeks.

What are the results the CALIBRE Penis Enlargement Procedure?

Penis enlargement with CALIBRE Clinic has proven results in achieving increased penis girth/circumference. It is a non-surgical procedure where you can see the results immediately.



Do you experience erectile dysfunction? Most men want to be able to enjoy long term, healthy erectile function. Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure, can help achieve this.

Erectile dysfunction to some degree affects up to half of all men aged between 40 and 65 years old. Men at any stage of their lives can experience erectile dysfunction triggered by diabetes, injury, drug side-effects and smoking. Erectile dysfunction is due to the inevitable aging of penile tissue, which can be repaired through PRP.

PRP is a rejuvenation therapy that uses the body’s concentrated bioactive proteins and blood platelets to activate stem cells and release growth factors. A Platelet Rich Plasma procedure is used in the medical world for wound and injury treatment. This natural tissue and skin rejuvenation therapy are being used worldwide, allowing men to enjoy long-term healthy erectile function.

Our Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure:

  • Stronger and longer-lasting erections
  • Prolonged sexual performance
  • Increased sensation
  • Enhanced appearance of penile skin
  • Can assist with prostate discomfort
  • Can assist with Peyronie’s curvature, i.e. to straighten the penis

Did you know erectile dysfunction is often linked to a primary blood vessel issue in the penis rather than a psychological issue? A process called Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LISWT) has been researched as a treatment for erectile dysfunction for the last 20 years.

Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy uses short bursts of sound waves to increase the production and opening up of existing blood vessels. The non-invasive treatment itself only takes from five to ten minutes and requires no anesthetic. It is as simple as a walk-in, walk-out treatment with no downtime required. LISWT is usually done twice a week for three weeks, for a total of six treatments.

Why should you consider LISWT?

It is the only penis treatment designed to treat the cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction. LISWT has also been demonstrated to be efficacious in treating Peyronie’s Disease (Curvature of the penis). It works effectively as the most lasting ‘cure’ of erectile dysfunction, lasting up to two years and repeated.

Frenuloplasty surgery is a treatment to the Frenulum Breve, located on the glans or rounded head of the penis. The Frenulum is a thin elastic band of skin similar to the skin band found under your tongue. This section of the skin can be too short and thick and fail to help the foreskin stay over the head of the penis. This piece of skin allows the foreskin to contract comfortably as required and not interfere with sexual activity. Problems with the Frenulum Breve can cause a pulled-down penis, making it shorter and creating soreness, bruising, and frequent tears.

Frenuloplasty is a quick and straightforward doctor procedure that can be performed in-clinic in 30 minutes. It uses a local anesthetic with a low-risk profile. The incision will take a couple of weeks to heal. Patients can expect to experience an increased range of penile motion and pain-free erections, making sexual intercourse more enjoyable.

CALIBRE Clinic is the most experienced injectable penis augmentation clinic in Australia with clinics in PerthSydney and Melbourne