CALIBRE Featured on Triple J The Hack Investigates

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CALIBRE Featured on Triple J The Hack Investigates

Dr Jayson Oates, Medical Director at CALIBRE Clinic recently featured on Triple J’s The Hack – a daily segment on the famous national radio station, delivering “the most relevant stories on the radio and online, from the unique and often surprising viewpoint of young Australians”, presented by Tom Tilley. In a typically down to earth nature, the feature was called Hack Investigates: What works if you want to get a bigger dick?

Dr Christopher Fox, Senior Lecturer in sexual health at the University of Sydney noted that men are becoming increasingly concerned about the size of their penis, and society continually saturates men with messages that they need to have bigger muscles and penises. Dr Fox’s research indicates that 85% of men have considered penile enlargements, even though most of these men have a ‘normal’ size penis with 75 % of men fitting in to the average of 12.5 – 16cm in length. Pornography is seen as having a large influence on the desire for men to have a larger penis with most men that Dr Fox has worked with in therapy recognizing that porn actors are employed because they have a large penis.

In the quest to increase penis size, there are a number of methods that men turn to. Pills Dr, Fox notes are completely ineffective. There’s some evidence to suggest that pumps can increase both length and girth but these gains are lost when men stop pumping. There’s also the risk of over pumping which can cause damage to the vascular system of the penis. ‘Jelqing’ – also known as ‘milking’ involves squeezing and striking the penis to force blood flow to the tip and stretching the soft muscle; there’s no scientific evidence of this method working and there is the risk of harm. Simply by loosing weight and shaving your pubic hair, you can make more of the penis visible. Surgery is an option, but Dr Fox cautioned against this, noting that there are many cases of surgery not going to plan.

Dr Oates, then explained the benefits of the CALIBRE procedure. This technique uses injectables to increase the girth of the penis by up to one inch. The cost is in the range of $5000 – $8000, which Dr. Oates compares to other purchases: “We often talk about men having a Porsche or having a big boat to compensate for something – maybe if they had a bigger penis they wouldn’t need to buy a sports car.”

The CALIBRE treatment involves the application of a numbing cream, before an injection to cause an erection which will stretch the penis to it’s maximum length. A filler product, the same that has been used in cosmetic medical procedures on the lips and cheeks of women for decades, is then injected under the skin. The filler is spread around the shaft of the penis, meaning that it will be about an inch thicker all together. The procedure can last for as long as several years, and hundreds of men have benefited in the last three years, who include, alongside a lot of tradies, also a man in his 80s.

So to answer The Hack’s question What works if you want to get a bigger dick? If you want proven results, without the dangers of surgery, the answer is simple; CALIBRE works if you want a bigger dick.

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