Further CALIBRE Research

Further CALIBRE Research

Last year I posted two blogs after the initial publication with my co-author Dr Gemma Sharp PhD in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal titled “Non-surgical medical penile girth augmentation; experience based recommendations”.  Then later in the year, Dr Sharp presented a poster titled “Psychological Outcomes of Penile Augmentation” at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference 20017 in Canberra.

Since then we have published a further letter in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, “Comments on non-surgical medical penile girth augmentation: experienced based recommendations” which was our letter in response to some questions by a Plastic Surgeon in the United States.

In May of this year, again with my co-author Dr Gemma Sharp, we published a further article in The Aesthetics Surgery Journal titled “Non-surgical medical penile girth augmentation: a retrospective study of psychological and psychosexual outcomes.  The 3 main themes were that patients were highly satisfied with the increased penile girth, there was increased self -confidence particularly in situations where the penis would be seen such as a locker room and increased sexual confidence. In the June edition of Aesthetic Surgery journal Dr David Sarwer,PhD wrote a commentary on “Non-surgical medical penile girth augmentation: a retrospective study of psychological and psychosexual outcomes saying  “Men reported high rates of satisfaction with the size, appearance, and functioning of their penis following treatment. Retrospectively, they also reported a reduction in symptoms of BDD and improvements in their self-esteem. “

As penile augmentation is a relatively new medical procedure and there is little in the way of high quality medical studies published. Calibre Clinics are strongly committed to the ongoing research in this area.  As part of that we have partnered with the Department of Psychology at Curtin University, Western Australia, to do the most in-depth prospective (following guys from before treatment and then ongoing for at least 6-12 months).  All patients who are having Calibre procedure will be invited to participate in the study.  There are a series of questionnaires which are in-depth and probing.  They’re all filled out online and can be done on a tablet or even your phone and I would encourage any guy who is having Calibre to consider participating in the study.  Discretion is assured and you wont get emails or phone messages with any “Calibre” tags.

I want to reassure all of our prospective patients that if you choose not to participate in any of our studies, that in no way changes our ongoing relationship with you. However looking in depth into the reason why so many men are interested in increasing the size of their penis, screening for underlying issues such as body dysmorphic disorder and then following the guys over time to see whether the procedure has brought about the benefits that they were looking for is extremely important research. In fact very few procedures/operations have been look at to see if it achieves what the patients want is this level of detail.

Whatever you do, make sure it is safe. If you are interested in a medical procedure that is walk in/walk out, less down time, gives you a penis that looks normal, feels normal, works normally but is just bigger then contact us.