non surgical penis enlargement procedures


Dr Jayson Oates, developer of the Calibre technique, spoke to Graeme Watson, of Out in Perth Magazine and said that when it comes to cosmetic surgery a lot of people have been looking for a pathway that delivers a larger penis.

Over many years the products available to practitioners have been gradually improving and today injectable dermal fillers are allowing men to add a little more, if they feel they could benefit from a little extra.

Unlike surgical options, this procedure can be completed in an hour and has a short recovery time. It’s something you could get done on a long lunch break.

Since Academy Face and Body began offering the procedure it’s been growing in popularity. Their Sydney clinic , is now treating several people each week and the treatment is gaining fans in Perth too.

Dr. Oates said people considering the procedure should have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

“We do get people who come in and they want to be the biggest their partner has ever seen,” Dr. Oates said, “but it’s not really about that. Like everything in cosmetic surgery it’s about making the person feel more comfortable about themselves and their own body. It’s not necessarily about trying to impress other people.”

“We can’t make a small or average penis into a gigantic one, it just doesn’t work like that, but you can make a noticeable improvement.”

What the procedure can do is add around 15% – 30% to the circumference of the penis. The added weight can often also lead to a little lengthening too.
How long the effects will last is different for different people, but when the same product is used on people’s faces the effectiveness lasts around two years.

Dr. Oates said when applied to the penis the effects could be longer as the enzyme that eventually breaks down the hyaluronic acid based product is found in lower concentrations in the penis, but sometimes small top-ups are needed.
One of the key considerations when weighing up having a cosmetic procedure is the safety aspect.
While there are some attractive prices for having procedures done overseas
Dr. Oates said having a procedure in Australia was far more advantageous because you can have regular contact with your doctor.

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