Male Enlargement with Instant Results

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Male Enlargement with Instant Results

Male Enlargement – It’s Now a Surgery Free, Pain Free Experience

Taking care of our appearance is something we all do to varying extents, but it’s become more important to men over recent decades. Staying fit and healthy through exercise and eating the right foods, taking an interest in what we wear so we look our best, using products to take care of our skin – it’s all part of the man’s world in the 21st century. And the effects of this shouldn’t underestimated. Looking good helps us to feel good and is part of what gives us the self confidence to be the best we can at whatever we’re doing. It’s therefore not surprising, even natural, that for many men that this concern extends to all areas of the body; according to recent studies, as many as 60% of men have concerns over the size and shape of their penis. CALIBRE offers you a cosmetic treatment to address these concerns. It’s non invasive, pain free and doesn’t require any down time – you can literally drive way from your treatment and carry on with your working day. CALIBRE treatments are long lasting but reversible. There’s now a real alternative to surgery when it comes to male enlargement.

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Because CALIBRE doesn’t have so many of the draw back of traditional surgical methods of male enlargement, it’s become a popular treatment. There’s no risk of complications from surgery and no recovery time, so addressing your concerns about penis size won’t impact negatively on your busy day to day life. Men from all walks of life have opted for CALIBRE treatments. We’ve helped younger and older men, men wanting to correct problems from previous surgery, and men with all different shapes and sizes of penis have benefited from CALIBRE.

How does it work? Dermal fillers are injected to just below the skin of the penis – a very similar technique to how dermal fillers have been used to treat other areas of soft tissue on the body including cheeks and lips. The effects are noticeable immediately; a 15mg treatment can give an increased in flaccid girth of about 1” which leads to an increase of 0.5 – 0.7” when erect. There can also be an increase in flaccid length which us due to the weight of the filler. The fillers remain malleable for about two weeks – during this time any irregularities or bumps from the first injection can be smoothed out. After this time the fillers are gradually, and completely safely absorbed by the body over a period of 18 to 24 months or sometimes longer. Results do of course vary from patient to patient. Before you start treatment – typically you’ll need between 1 and 3 treatment sessions for the best results – you’ll have a private consultation with a CALIBRE Certified Doctor. Here the procedure and what to expect will be explained in detail, and you’ll be able to ask in person any questions you may have.

Many men feel some embarrassment talking about personal and sensitive issues such as penis size, but rest assured that our doctors handle all consultations with appropriate sensitivity and discretion. One of the reasons CALIBRE has become so popular is because the non invasive nature of the treatment means that there’s no down time for recovery and non of the associated risks of surgery. Other benefits include the fact that you won’t experience any loss of sensation when it comes to sexual activity, nor will there be any negative impact on the strength of your erection.


Dr Oates, FRACS Medical Director of CALIBRE CLINICS brings 20 years of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery and produces and developed the pioneering CALIBRE technique for penis enlargement. Dr Oates experience is shared amongst the CALIBRE team and he supervises all CALIBRE Certified Doctors.


CALIBRE has proven results. You’ll notice the effects of the treatment immediately with significant growth in penis size. We’ve helped hundreds of men feel better about themselves. Contact us today and see and feel the benefits for yourself.


CALIBRE is non invasive – it’s not a surgical procedure. This means that you can arrive for your treatment and and hour later be back in your car carrying on with your day. There’s no need to take time out for recovery making it the perfect treatment for men in today’s busy modern world.

CALIBRE Clinic’s male enlargement procedure was developed by Medical Director Dr Jayson Oates. Dr Oates brings over two decades of experience in cosmetic treatments, and has extensive experience as a surgeon specialising in aesthetic surgery. Having completed his Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery, Dr Oates undertook further training in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (ENT). This was followed by further training in cosmetic surgery with experts in Europe and the USA.

Dr Oates was President of the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery from 2005 to 2011 – a reflection of the respect he has earned from his professional peers. Whilst working with his patients on other areas of cosmetic surgery, he realized many were looking for a solution to concerns regarding penis size. Wanting to offer an alternative to surgery Dr Oates used his experience to develop the CALIBRE procedure. As Medical Director, he oversees the training and development of all CALIBRE Certified Doctors. This means that you can be sure you’re receiving treatment from a highly skilled physician.

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CALIBRE Clinic Perth is located in Subiaco and is easily accessible by public transport with plenty of car parking near by. Also based in our Perth clinic is Dr Cuong Danh MBBS FRACGP – an expert cosmetic injector and laser physician. A Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, areas of expertise include a holistic approach to addressing cosmetic medical concerns, skin condition management, minor surgery, family and emergency medicine. Dr Danh is also in demand as a medical lecturer and provides training in advanced cosmetic injection techniques.

In Sydney, You’ll find CALIBRE Clinic located in Crow’s Nest. Here the team includes Dr Steve Crimston MBBS FRACGP and Dr Gavin Scriven, MBBS GP. Both initially gained their Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney and are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practice and members of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine. Together they bring years of skill and expertise in the field of cosmetic procedures and you can rest assured that your treatment is being delivered by the best possible physician for the job.



CALIBRE has been designed, and proven to deliver, a real alternative to surgery for penis enlargement. This cosmetic procedure is safe and pain free. It will be delivered by a highly skilled CALIBRE Certified Doctor. The results are immediate and long lasting and you’ll be able to carry on with your day straight after treatment. Contact us today, and join the ever growing group of men who’ve reaped the rewards of CALIBRE Clinic.

Contact CALIBRE Clinic today to arrange your initial consultation, we’d love to help you!

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