Mushroom head with penis enlargement

Mushroom Penis

Mushroom head with penis enlargement

How does penis enlargement work with a mushroom head penis? Good question! You may not even know what a mushroom head penis is unless you have one, but it is exactly as it sounds. Many penises out there have a head with an uncanny resemblance to a mushroom. Whilst some members may have a slimmer bulbous (head of the penis) than the shaft, for many, their bulbous brims quite substantially over the penis shaft where they connect.

It is also known as a hammer-shaped penis and is one of the many different types of penis shapes among men. This news may come as a shock, but there are vastly different shaped penises out there. You may be even more surprised by the theories as to why scientists believe the penis evolved to be more mushroom-shaped in the first place. 

Is a mushroom head penis normal?

It sure is. If you think about it, all penises resemble some kind of mushroom top, but there are some with a much larger ‘mushroom top’ than others. Compared to slimmer penis heads, a mushroom penis head comes with its own benefits. Some urologists even think a mushroom head penis can be more fertile than others, as it enables the sperm to get deeper into the vaginal canal. In fact, if your penis has a larger-shaped mushroom top, many scientists out there theorise that you have reached a male evolutionary peak. Let us explain.

State University of New York’s Professor Gordon Gallup developed his hypothesis investigating the unique anatomy of the human penis. He led a team of scientists and published Semen displacement as a sperm competition strategy in 2006. The journal article discussed the evolutionary theory behind a more mushroom-shaped bulbous penis head was to scoop out any previous semen inside a woman’s vagina during sex. 

Through experiments with different sized latex phalluses and a fake vagina, they found the ridge of the penis (where the head meets the shaft) could scoop up to 90 per cent of the mixture resembling semen in just one thrust. Meaning, the larger the head, the more semen it can scoop out, giving men with a more protruding bulbous penis tip a better advantage when getting a woman pregnant. So, if you ever felt self-conscious about your more mushroom looking penis, just know your member is more evolutionary advanced than most. 

What causes a mushroom-shaped penis?

Genetics largely determine the size and shape of any penis. Your penis size depends on the sex chromosomes you receive from both parents. Whilst your genetic makeup is mainly responsible, many contributing factors can account for penis size, including your hormones, environmental factors, and your lifestyle.   

Are there any issues with a mushroom-shaped penis? 

There are no substantial downsides to having a more mushroom-shaped penis; each phallic shape and size comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The only limitation we can think of when it comes to problems with mushroom head penises is that a particularly large bulbous head may find it harder to maintain an erection due to the added weight at the end of the member.

In 2018, erectile dysfunction expert Darren Breen reported to the Daily Mail on hammer-shaped penises stating, “Gravity makes it more difficult for this type of erect penis to lift skyward on erection.” However, this isn’t necessarily the reality of those with a mushroom-shaped penis. But, if other factors are already contributing to erectile dysfunction, the penis being ‘top heavy’ may not be helping. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, please read our blog post on the topic for more information. 

How does a mushroom shape affect penis enlargement? 

In case this is your first time visiting our website, let us introduce ourselves. We are CALIBRE Clinic, the most experienced injectable penis augmentation clinic in Australia. 

Luckily, renowned facial plastic and ENT surgeon Dr Jayson Oates, who personally trains all our certified CALIBRE Doctors, leads us. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Dr Oates niched into penis augmentation and erectile dysfunction treatments requiring no surgery and minimal downtime. 

He developed the CALIBRE procedure, which is the process of injecting dermal fillers just below the skin of the penis, finally giving men a solution to their penile concerns. The treatment is long-lasting, easily reversible, and you can see the results immediately. As a potential owner of a mushroom-shaped penis yourself, you may wonder if the shape of your penis will affect whether you are a candidate for the CALIBRE procedure. Unlike the shaft of the penis, the glans (or head) is a difficult area of the penis to achieve a satisfactory augmentation using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers.

We place the HA filler in the space between the deep and superficial fibrous layer of the penis shaft. The glans, however, is made of spongy erectile tissue with a thick layer of skin over the surface. It provides no space to place regular HA dermal fillers, and blood flow in the spongy erectile tissue tends to ‘wash’ the HA away.

It is possible to inject HA very superficially into the thicker skin of the glans, which assists with reducing sensitivity and premature ejaculation. However, this technique isn’t suitable for glans augmentation, as it is difficult to get the volume of HA needed into the area to create an adequate increase in size, and it tends to make the glans a bit lumpy and bumpy. Also, not everybody wants to reduce the sensitivity of the head of their penis.

So what do we offer for penis head augmentation?

Our CALIBRE Penile Glans Augmentation is a minimally invasive injectable procedure, using a permanent dermal filler to increase the size of the glans. We can perform it as a stand-alone procedure or, in conjunction with CALIBRE Penile Augmentation to increase penile girth. 

Available in Europe for over 20-years and in Australia for the past 15-years, the permanent gel filler solution consists of 97.5% water and 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide. Product development specifically for the glans achieves measurable long term increases in size with few complications. We are pleased with the solution at CALIBRE because there is an active exchange of water between the filler and body tissues, resulting in more active integration into the penile tissue. 

What Results Can I Expect?

The results of a penis augmentation will depend on the natural size of your penis. When it comes to glans augmentation, we use between 2-3mls per session, which can provide a 10-20% increase in the width of your glans. CALIBRE Penile Glans Augmentation is a quick procedure completed with local anaesthetic cream or a small local anesthetic injection. With multiple sessions available, repeat the treatment two months later and gradually increase the size of your head.

Are you intrigued about what you can do to enhance the size and shape of your penis? You can book a confidential consultation with our team to discuss your desired results and alleviate any concerns. We have CALIBRE Clinics across Australia, in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We look forward to meeting you!