Nutrition and penis health

Nutrition health for your penis

Nutrition and penis health

The health of your penis is often regarded as a taboo subject, but it shouldn’t be. Ensuring that everything is in good working order downstairs is just as important as all the other parts of your body. The health of your penis can be affected by many factors including what you eat or drink, the quality of your sleep, your stress level, as well as the supplements you take (or don’t).  

So, if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or simply want to boost the health of your penis, we’ve got you covered with penis-friendly foods and vitamins for erectile strength.

Food that is good for your penis health

If you’re looking to surge your sex drive, these are some the penis-friendly foods you should add to your diet. 


Avocados are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to improve blood flow, as well as vitamin B6 and folic acid, which give you an energy boost for more going power! They’re also rich in vitamin C so they may help improve sperm quality as well.


This crunchy fruit isn’t just good for keeping any colds and flu away, apples can also improve the health of your private parts too! Apple peels in particular contain an active compound called ursolic acid as well as the flavonoid quercetin, which have both been proven to essentially starve prostate cancer cells and therefore prevent them from multiplying. 

Olive oil

Everyone knows about the health benefits of olive oil, especially for your heart. But a recent study has also found that men who replaced butter with olive oil in their diet saw drastic improvements in their sexual health. Some scientists have even said that it’s better than Viagra at eliminating erectile dysfunction. 

Because this wonder oil is good for improving blood flow from the heart, it also improves blood flow to your penis. Additionally, OO also increases testosterone levels, which in turn help to maintain an erection. It’s a win-win!


If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’re in luck. Chilli peppers have been shown to increase testosterone levels. This is because of a chemical compound called capsaicin that is found in them. Capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers their trademark burning sensation, also helps release endorphins in the body, as well as other feel-good hormones. So load up that chilli sauce in your next meal or enjoy a spicy curry!


Yes, it’s true, nuts could help your nether regions, especially peanuts, pine nuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, and walnuts.

Peanuts contain an amino acid called l-arginine, which helps to relax and widen blood vessels and in turn, increases blood flow throughout the body, and, l-arginine is converted to nitric acid in the body, which is a compound found in Viagra!

Pine nuts contain a large amount of zinc, which helps increase testosterone. Plus, like peanuts, they also contain a lot of l-arginine.

Brazil nuts contain a high amount of selenium, which is needed for sperm production and mobility. 

Both cashews and walnuts contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which, according to a study, boost sperm size, shape, and swimming ability. Walnuts also increase blood flow which is needed to maintain an erection.

Vitamins and supplements that are good for your penis health

Don’t forget to take your daily supplements if you want to enhance your penis health and avoid erectile dysfunction.


Zinc is essential for testosterone production. In fact, people with higher levels of zinc in their bodies have been shown to have a higher sex drive than those with lower levels. In a study, men who supplemented with zinc for six months doubled their testosterone levels.


L-arginine, which is found in meat, fish, nuts and seeds, and wholegrains, as well as in supplement form, is thought to increase the amount of nitric acid in the body, which causes blood vessels to relax and helps increase blood flow to the penis, which helps you stay hard!

Vitamin D

Don’t forget to get your daily dose of sunshine because Vitamin D isn’t only proven to regulate mood, it improves things in the bedroom as well. In a study, researchers found that men with erectile dysfunction have 80% less-than-optimal levels of vitamin D. They theorised that low levels of vitamin D damage blood vessels as well as lead to a shortage of nitric oxide. 

Horny Goat Weed

Yes, you read right! This staple in traditional Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction. A study found that there is a compound in the herb that blocks the effects of an enzyme that restricts blood flow to the penis. 

Vitamin C

Stock up on those citrus fruits and berries. Vitamin C has been shown to help blood flow and testosterone levels. In addition, vitamin C is also known to attack cancer-causing free-radicals in the body, which helps protect you from prostate cancer. 


Studies have shown that the level of magnesium in men’s bodies directly correlates to their level of testosterone. Magnesium has also been shown to assist in the metabolisation of nitric acid, which, as noted above, is essential to get and maintain an erection. 

Food that is bad for your penis health

Making sure your body is functioning optimally also means cutting out food that can hinder your performance. Most of these include food that contains lots of chemicals and are highly processed. Read on to find out which are the worst culprits.

Simple carbohydrates 

Eating too many processed carbs not only leads to weight gain but it has also been shown to raise estrogen levels in the body and lower testosterone. Stick to complex carbs like wholewheat bread, legumes, fruit and vegetables, and wholegrains like oats, quinoa, barley and brown rice. 

Excess Alcohol

This probably comes as no surprise but the science backs it up too. According to a study, drinking alcohol equivalent to five or more drinks suppresses testosterone levels. Additionally, because alcohol desensitises you and slows down your reaction time, too many beers also contributes to struggling to get and maintain an erection. 

Flavoured soda

Researchers have found that high fructose corn syrup, which is commonly found in sodas to sweeten them, increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. This is due to its propensity to cause high cholesterol as well as the damage that it causes to arteries in the penis. Additionally, a study found that men who drank more than a litre of soda a day had sperm counts that were 30% lower than men who didn’t drink as much. 

Processed meat

Processed meat contains high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, which can clog the arteries in the penis because they are small and can collect build-up easily. A study has also shown that consuming processed meat can lead to poor sperm quality. It also found that men who ate more oil fish had better sperm counts.  

Microwaveable popcorn

The microwaveable bag that popcorn comes in is the culprit here. Most of them are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also called C8. High levels of C8 have been shown to lead to lower testosterone levels. So, if you’re having a movie night, rather stick to the stove-made variety.


The bottom line is, if you want to ensure your body is in tip-top shape and everything is running smoothly downstairs, the first place to start is reviewing what you’re putting into your body. 

Additionally, if you’re already taking medication to help with erectile dysfunction, swapping out processed food with more natural alternatives and cutting down on alcohol, as well as adding some beneficial supplements could improve the efficacy of the medication even more.