Ex-Soldiers Penis Grows 1.5 Inches Thanks To PRP

Ex-Soldiers Penis Grows 1.5 Inches Thanks To PRP

Reported in that highly respected medical journal The Sun in the UK is the story of ex-army veteran Robert Schiewy who was reportedly having the best sex he’s ever had after his penis grew 1.5 inches following PRP treatment. He reports the story that his penis was injured in 1998 when the vehicle he was in ran over a landmine. He had emergency surgery but lost 2 inches in penile length. He had further surgery four years later that apparently restored his penis to 6 inches in length.

He was reportedly having the PRP/P-Shot treatment at Elite Aesthetics costing £1200. He has been able to give up using medication for erectile dysfunction, they didn’t say if it was oral medications like Viagra and Cialis or injectables such as Caverject, but that he also gained 1.5 inches in length. They didn’t report which device they used to produce PRP and there are a lot of variations on the quality of PRP generation.

I don’t want to be seen casting doubts on Robert’s reports but 1.5 inches, nearly 4cm, in length from PRP seems like a bit of a “stretch”. We certainly do feel that PRP/ The P-shot can be very useful in erectile dysfunction and I especially like to combine it with the low intensity shock wave therapy but I would like to see more published research on the effectiveness of the P-shot.

We have just had our ongoing (prospective) study into the physical and psychological benefits of Calibre as a minimally invasive injectable penis enlargement approved through Curtin University and certainly there’s a lot of work in setting up a study like this. It may continue over a three year period. However I think establishing some scientific basis is very important to do to demonstrate that phalloplasty or erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment is able to produce the benefits claimed.


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