Penis Health for Men in Their 30s

Penis health for men in their 30s

Penis Health for Men in Their 30s

Few things are certain in life, but one of them is the ageing process. For men, this leaves us with many questions; among them are those surrounding our penises and ageing. Penis health for men in their 30s is less mired in concerns about lowered testosterone levels and enlarged prostate glands, but still, there is much to discuss on the matter. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it is crucial. Armed with knowledge about your penis as it ages with you, you will be in a better position to enjoy your body for longer.

What Penis Changes to Expect in Your 30s

In your 30s, your sex drive will remain high, but it won’t take over your mind; you will be less likely to experience spontaneous erections and less prone to premature ejaculation. This is arguably the best time for your penis. While you will experience some changes, you will unlikely face anything drastic. Your penis and your health are intricately linked at every level, so while you are still young, you want to take care of your health to maintain optimal penis health in your 30s and as you continue to age

The Physical Appearance of Your Penis

In your 30s, your penis may begin to sag, but it is unlikely to be noticeable. Your penis will still have a youthful glow, and you are unlikely to spot a grey hair or pubic hair loss. While you will experience testicular shrinkage, this is unlikely to begin in your 30s. You may notice more of a curvature of your penis, but this would also be limited at this stage. You are more likely to have noticeable penis curvature if you have experienced a broken or fractured penis at any point. 

Your Sexual Function

Because your testosterone levels haven’t yet begun to drop noticeably, you will maintain a high sex drive as you head into your 30s. You will require a little more physical stimulation to achieve an erection, but some lubrication can be helpful where necessary. Your erections will still be strong, as will your orgasms, but recovery between ejaculations will take a little longer. Your only concern heading into your 30s is the potential for erectile dysfunction to appear, although men in their 20s may experience this too. ED is commonly linked to your physical and mental health, so there are a myriad of treatments available, as well as lifestyle changes which can assist in the matter.

Your Urinary Function

As you age, your prostate will begin to enlarge; however, in your 30s, you are unlikely to notice a diminished stream while urinating. You may need to urinate more frequently, but this is also unlikely. Until your prostate begins to enlarge, there will be nothing to put pressure on the bladder and the urethra. To maintain optimal urinary function, ensure that your water intake throughout the day is high enough to maintain clear to very light yellow coloured urine. If you notice a sudden and marked change in your urinary function, it is essential to go to the doctor for an examination.

How to Maintain Optimal Penis Health

Penis health for men in their 30s and older is largely influenced by our overall health. An ageing penis is nothing to worry about, so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our stress levels impact our overall health, the amount of exercise we get, how much we sleep, whether we smoke, how much alcohol we drink, and what we eat. Limiting stress and exercising regularly makes us less prone to erectile dysfunction and other penis-related health issues.
Eating penis-friendly foods also ensures we prevent premature penis ageing. Penis-friendly foods are typically classified as food which is lower in cholesterol, less processed, contains less salt and sugar, and richer in vegetables. Foods which prevent the build-up of cholesterol are better for your heart and for your penis.
As we age, so do our penises, and we all age differently, too. The trick to maintaining penis health for men in their 30s is to monitor your lifestyle and how your body functions. When you notice drastic changes, see a doctor, but until then, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.