Ten Year Old Thai Boy Has Public Penis Augmentation

Ten Year Old Thai Boy Has Public Penis Augmentation

Multiple news outlets have reported the supposed case of a 10 year old boy having penis injection for a cost of 1000Baht (which is roughly AUD $40) in a non-medical setting.  The original article appears to be on www.sanook.com/news/7375794/.  The google translate translation was somewhat interesting…

“Back to the criticism in society again for cases of penis enlargement, last updated on 29th July.  Hot Celebrity Popcorn Cheese has posted photos of a man’s Facebook.  It is revealed that the injection was extended to the world.  The price is only 1000Baht and the claim that the size is not to be wield and insulted.  The image is expected to serve as a student.

After the post it was republished online in large numbers, most reviewed that such an action is dangerous because people are not doctors and no knowledge.  This can be dangerous and inflammatory.  In the comic strip, the cartoon has been revealed to demonstrate the way to treat the genitalia that is injected with Olive oil, to increase the size of the case for people who think to inject.  When imagined, they make many people horrified and horrified by each other.”

Although many of the stories report that it’s a 10 year old boy, the man in question, who’s face is pixilated, has a tattoo on his left bicep and physically seems to be the same size as the men administering the injections . It is certainly not a medical facility, they’re not wearing gloves and they are crouching on the floor.  So I am not concerned that it is a child who’s had this procedure.  The Facebook page was accompanied by a hand drawn cartoon showing a grossly swollen penis and although the text is written in Thai, the six frame cartoon clearly shows a very deformed penis as a reaction apparently to olive oil injections which appear to be one street version of penile augmentation in Thailand.

In other places such as The Philippines, there are reports were of heated up Vaseline being injected into the penis and this would be expected to cause a gross inflammatory reaction, if not full on infection, with swelling and deformity of the penile skin.  The cartoon shows a surgical procedure using flaps of skin from the scrotum to cover the skin of the penis once the granulomatous reaction form the Olive oil has been excised.

It just shows the lengths that men are willing to go to for a bigger penis.  We can be thankful that there are approved, regulated medically produced dermal fillers that have a long track record of safety.  Our trained doctors are very experienced in performing penile augmentation injection phalloplasty safely in a medical environment.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Whatever you do, make sure it is safe. If you are interested in a medical procedure with very few downsides, walk in/walk out, no down time, gives you a penis that looks normal, feels normal, work normally but is just bigger then contact us.

Dr Jayson Oates
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