Penis Augmentation

Would you consider enlarging your penis if it was safe, painless, did not involve surgery, was reversible but long lasting and had no down time? Just like many cosmetic procedures have become safer, minimally invasive and with limited recovery time – cosmetic enhancement of the penis has changed too.

CALIBRE Clinics bring together a team of physicians dedicated to resolving common male concerns about penis size and erectile function using non-invasive medical solutions that work.  Our doctors and nurses are highly skilled and experienced in this field so you will feel comfortable discussing your concerns and finding out more about the options available.


Caliber now offers another solution aimed at assisting men in general health and also helping them have a healthier sex life. It is called Frenuloplasty and is the surgical treatment process of a quick and straight forward procedure completed by our trained Doctors.

The treatment is performed in our clinics with the use of local anesthetic, with a low risk profile. The incision will take a couple weeks to heal but patients can expect to experience an increased range of penile motion and pain free erections, making sexual intercourse more enjoyable. Read more about Frenuloplasty or ask our doctors if this is suitable for you