Anatomy of the human penis

Anatomy of the human penis

The Penis! If you are on our website, you probably have one and might be considering a penis augmentation. It’s essential to have an understanding of your body, all its different parts and their function. It is helpful to understand what is going on down there, especially if you are considering a procedure.   Luckily, our team at CALIBRE know the anatomy of the penis inside out. In case you have forgotten what you learnt in health class, we have created this blog post to get you up to scratch on the anatomy and function of the human penis.  

What is a penis? 

The penis is an external organ part of the male reproductive system. The function of a penis is to serve as a urinal duct and for sexual intercourse.    Inside the penis is the urethra, which carries the urine from the bladder to where it is expelled at the external urethral orifice.    The penis also serves as a sexual organ, where during erotic stimulation, the penis becomes erect (engorged with blood). Following emission, if ejaculation occurs, semen will move from the urethra to the external urethral orifice.  

 What is the penis made up of? 

There are three parts to the human penis; the root, the body and the glans penis. We will go into more detail on what and where these parts are.  

The Root of the Penis  

The root of the penis is often confused as the base. You cannot see the root of the penis externally as it is located in the pelvic floor’s superficial perineal pouch.   The root is the most central, fixed part of the penis. It contains three erectile tissues, two crura tissues and the bulb (base of the penis). It also has two muscles called ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus (a bit of a mouthful). 

The Body of the Penis 

Commonly called the shaft, the body is the free parts of the penis. The body is where you start to see the penis externally between the root and the glans.   The body of the penis is also called the corpus and is made up of three cylinders of erectile tissue. One type of erectile tissue, the corpus cavernosum, runs along two sides of the penis. When blood fills this area, it causes an erection.   The other erectile tissue on the body of the penis is the corpus spongiosum. This sponge-like tissue is along the front of the penis and holds the urethra. When an erection occurs, this tissue keeps the urethra open.   Holding this all together is the enveloping fascial layers. The fascia of the penis, also called the buck’s fascia, is a layer of deep tissue keeping the three erectile bodies of the penis in place.   If the sound of penis augmentation makes you squirm, you’ll be pleased to know we specialise in non-surgical penis augmentation. If you’re looking for a solution to erectile dysfunction or considering a penis enlargement procedure, talk to our team about the options available to you! Now on to the Glans Penis. 

The Glans Penis 

Also known as the head or tip of the penis, the glans penis is the part of the penis the furthest away from the body.   For uncircumcised men, the glans is covered in mucosa, which is the thick moist tissue. Over the glans is the foreskin or prepuce.   With circumcised penises, when the foreskin is removed, the thick tissue turns into dry skin.   What is that thick elastic band at the tip of my penis? That is the frenulum, a band of tissue connecting the foreskin to the mucosa and enables the foreskin to retract over the glans.   The glans penis contains the most nerve endings and is the most sensitive part of the penis. The thick tissue also acts as a shock absorbent during sexual intercourse.  

What about the Scrotum? 

Also known as the ballsack, the scrotum is the sack of skin that hangs beneath the penis holding the testicles. Its function is to maintain the right temperature for the testicles, i.e. if it is too cold, the scrotum hangs tight, and if it is too warm, they hang loosely.   When it comes to penis augmentation, having this understanding of the penis anatomy is vital. Whether you have been circumcised or not, there are options available for non-surgical penis procedures to enhance the size and functionality of your penis. Please get in contact with our team at the most experienced injectable penis augmentation clinic in Australia.