CALIBRE Procedure Aftercare

CALIBRE procedure aftercare

CALIBRE Procedure Aftercare

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DR GAV: Hi everybody, I’m Dr Gavin Scriven, people call me Dr Gav, and with me is the founder of the non-surgical penis augmentation procedure we call CALIBRE, Dr Jayson Oates.

DR JAYSON: Thanks Dr Gav, and together we are the dick doctors and we are going to be talking about all things penis. Our area of expertise is injectable penis augmentation. There’s a lot to talk about penises and together, myself and Dr Gavin will be doing that.

DR GAV: Hi, this is Dr Jayson Oates and with me is Dr Gav, this is the penis show and we are the dick doctors, we’re going to be talking all things penis, and today we’re going to be discussing downtime and aftercare after you’ve had injections in your penis to make it bigger. Hi, Dr Gav.

DR GAV: Hi Dr Jayson, thanks for having me, it’s always a pleasure.

DR JAYSON: So this is a common question that guys are always asking us, what’s the down time after I have a CALIBRE penis augmentation.

DR GAV: Yeah, and it’s really important for every cosmetic procedure because everyone’s really busy and working 24/7 and they don’t want any.

DR JAYSON: You work harder than I do then.

DR GAV: Working 24/7, they don’t want any interruptions to their social, sex life, etc. Surprisingly the downtime from our procedures is really not that much, it is essentially a walk in-walk out procedure that goes on for about 2 hours. Say you’re walking out of the clinic, you can essentially go back to an office if you’d like to. However, there are a few things that you do have to avoid and we can talk more about that later. I’ll start with the first one that guys always ask about, sex. So we tell them to abstain from it for five days, but I say seven days a week, if you can help it, just to be extra cautious and it’s because of the little entry points that we make to inject the filler into the penis. For some guys it takes up to three days almost, to heal post which, there’s always a risk of skin breakage or something during sex. So we really want to minimise risk of any kind, post procedure.

DR JAYSON: You must have had patients like me who that first night put it to good use.

DR GAV: To my shock and horror some of them surprisingly have been okay when they’d come in a year later for their top up, Having said that, I certainly would not recommend it. I’d also remind them that we did talk about not having sex for 5 days.

DR JAYSON: Yeah. And the reason is we want to avoid infection, if you don’t want to sleep tonight, look up Fournier’s gangrene, scariest thing in the world. And it’s an infection that happens in the penis and the scrotum and spreads and all the skin drops off.

DR GAV: Yes, if we show people a picture of Fournier’s gangrene after every procedure, I think there’ll be no sex for a week at least.

DR JAYSON: So you can’t have sex for a few days. What about just walking around, going to work, that sort of thing?

DR GAV: Walking around is not an issue if you’re not working up a sweat. If you’re able to just check on the penis every hour or so and make sure it’s straight, it would be ideal. In those first 48 hours, the filler is still integrating into the penis and there is a bit of swelling, that’s when the risk of an asymmetry arises. So you want to be able to check if you can sort of stretch it out a little bit, make sure there’s not too much retraction.

DR JAYSON: That might be a bit odd in the office or in the workplace.

DR GAV: Could present a bit of a problem for some people! Some may tend to stay home for the first time just to be able to do that and also to check on it quite often.

DR JAYSON: You’re fussier than I am, but yes. Trying to avoid it folding up is really important. I certainly tell clients, we want them showering once in the morning and at night, we provide this antiseptic wash over that’s moderately intense and causes dry skin, but gets it nice and clean, and that’s when, you give it a check and a massage if necessary. If you feel a low point somewhere on the shaft of the penis where there’s not as much filler, I’d suggest massage it a little which pushes it down into that that area as it’s quite mobile. Having said that, it’s not that easy to do for some. Guys sometimes ask, how to massage it, to which I say, well, as hard as it takes to make it move! And you’re usually at the end of the procedure, it’s always sounds strange to tell them to give it a good massage to smooth it out (if required).

DR GAV: I take it one step further, Jayson, and often show the guys the massage and the pressure needed to take the feel or even, which is of course is a slightly awkward process, but it’s very important.

DR JAYSON: Yeah, well, the penis gets really numb from the numbing cream, so I’m never sure if they understand how firm that pressure is because of it. Anyway, so I get them to do that morning and night for the first few days, and antibiotics to take. It’s probably overkill and unnecessary, but I’d rather give it to a thousand guys to prevent one infection, than have it. So yes, use it.

DR GAV: Yep. And then of course we send them off with a post information sheet that we give everybody. There’s a type of antibiotic ointment that we ask you to put on the entry points at least twice a day, usually after the couple of showers that you have a day that Dr Jayson just mentioned, and that helps them heal and reduce that risk of infection. And we did mention briefly in previous episodes that we offer and so tend to wrap the penis in a crepe style wrap which is an elastic style bandage that helps keep the penis straight. The main thing I say is, doing this just helps prevent that folding/pain and gives it some symmetry. It also helps reduce some swelling. But also it’s important not to have it on too tight, that’s probably the one thing that I mention.

DR JAYSON: So the problem I find with some clients is, they wrap the bandage too tight and then squeeze it in an area which isn’t ideal. The bandage is sort of useful to some useful thing, but it’s most useful for “showers” (penises that naturally hang out) as they find it really easy to wrap in the bandage, keeping it nice and straight. But with clients who experience shrinkage, it’ll just shrink inside the bandage and the bandage will just drop off. Whereas with clients who are somewhere in the middle, it is probably the most useful. While they experience a little shrinkage, they can hold it in place with this self-gripping elastic bandage which they can find really useful. So the guys in the middle in some way get the most benefit.

DR GAV: … clients then ask how to avoid that. So what would be your advice, Dr Jayson?

DR JAYSON: There’s a number of interesting options here. There is a blood pressure medication called an alpha one blocker, which is the medical side of it. It works by relaxing blood vessels, so when your heart is beating, it doesn’t have to be against this high pressure. What some have found is that it seems to open up some of the blood vessels into the penis, and for some guys, it’s been quite useful, just having that increased blood flow preventing some of the shrinkage. I’ve used that for a few years for guys who wanted to try it. More recently, I’ve been using some of the medications that help with erectile dysfunction. I’ll sometimes use, Cialis whose effects take twenty four hours or so, as opposed to Viagra, which is more of an instantaneous type thing, for a lot of guys it’s helped with shrinkage. So I’ll give them a script for this, it’s a low dose, they take it once a day, (I think it comes with thirty tablets in it?). They may just take it for a couple of weeks first, and then in two weeks’ time in the future, when we’re doing the second stage procedure, they take another two weeks of it. Some guys find that they like it so much that they don’t want to stop, but that’s another thing. So I find this medication to be to be useful. There is this interesting finding that Botox, affects the nerves that are related to erection, and so there’s a urologist actually in Egypt who’s been trialling this as a medication for erectile dysfunction. And some guys find that it helps with shrinkage. The downside of it is, Botox is really expensive and you need a quite a big dose. If you have it once and it lasts for three months, then perhaps better. But I think Cialis is a better option.

DR GAV: And I’ve had some more ingenious methods that some of my clients have actually mentioned or brought up and I’ve been using their own extension devices/weighted devices to help stretch out the penis, have you have the same suggestion?

DR JAYSON: So actually it’s a common question because guys who come looking for increasing the girth of the penis, usually like the idea of making it longer as well. And CALIBRE as a penis augmentation treatment is a girth procedure, not length, although for some guys with moderate shrinkage, just having that weight of product in the penis will often make it hang out a bit more. So there’s a whole range of penis stretching devices/firemen pump, etc. sort of stuff, but it’s a very temporary. There’re some with the stainless steel rods on both sides, and a noose around the glands, which could be useful, but it’s not something you can be walking around with during the day. There are also some with suction caps onto the glands, which can potentially work quite well for some, but it depends on what sort of wrapping they use with that, because sometimes they need some wrapping that goes onto the shaft of the penis. Because what we don’t want to do is be pushing the filler out of the way. And with some of these suction cap ones, it attaches to sort of like an elastic strap that either goes down onto your leg or interestingly, even over your shoulder that attaches onto your belt, behind you, thus holding it sort of straight in an upwards direction. And so some of these can be. Sometimes I have guys bringing these things in and showing me their collection of penis lengthening devices, some of them worthwhile. As I said, I do think that there is some evidence that you can get length from stretching or hanging. So hanging is sort of where usually with a suction cup to the penis and binding and then they hang a weight off, these treatments can get some length. Having said that, it is not such a great long term sort of thing, you can’t walk around with something hanging off the end of your penis. But yeah, I think that there is potentially some usefulness to some.

DR GAV: Definitely. So I think that’s pretty much it for the post op care, a lot of guys are very keen on keeping very fit and exercising every day, so they do often ask me about what exercise can and can’t be done. We don’t want you to in the first couple of working up a big sweat, when your heart rate’s going through the roof as the swelling will be made worse. Also if you’re sweating, there’s a risk of making those little entry points therefore increasing your risk of infection. So, guys, I’m sure you can have a couple of days off exercise guilt free, and you’re going to get better results from the CALIBRE procedure.

DR JAYSON: That’s right. Try not to get too sweaty in those first few days and if you do get any sort of sweating from your work, etc., then showers, washing, cleanliness- super important.

DR GAV: Excellent. I think that’s that from my point of view, it’s pretty much all I talk about in terms of the post up here, is there anything else you have add Dr Jayson?

DR JAYSON: No, I think that’s it. The last thing I virtually tell every guy when he’s leaving is if they’ve got any worries, get on the phone, just call. We’re contactable, I also tell everybody I’d rather you call me. Then for you to have a problem and not call me because you feel you don’t want to bother me… It’s important for everyone to know that we’re there to make sure they get the best outcome they can get and make the whole process as easy and comfortable for them as it can be.

DR GAV: Couldn’t have said it better. All right well, thanks, Dr Jayson. It’s been a pleasure being part of the show today, we are the dick doctors and confidence changes everything.

DR JAYSON: Dr Gav, I look forward to speaking to you again soon. Bye.

DR GAV: Bye.

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