Everything you need to know about growing your penis

penis enlargement procedure facts

Everything you need to know about growing your penis

If you have ever thought or worried about the size or appearance of your penis, you may be surprised to know that you’re not alone. Research suggests that up to 60% of men share your concerns.

Thinking about your own manhood, you’ve probably questioned yourself, “I wonder if I had a bigger dick…” and lacked some self confidence or even doubted your performance in the bedroom. From locker room talk to mainstream porn, there is pressure for men to have a large penis from every angle. You may think a bigger penis is what your partner wants, but as the saying goes, size doesn’t matter; it’s what you can do with it.

The ways to get a larger penis have, until now, been a little more complicated. The only real option was a surgical solution, which brought with it a number of downsides, not to mention surgery is never risk-free and requires time out from your normal life for recovery. So, what if we told you there is something we can do to increase the length and girth of your penis without surgery?

If you want to increase the size of your penis without surgery, CALIBRE offers you a solution with proven results. At CALIBRE Clinics, we work with the trailblazing CALIBRE technique. It’s a non-surgical, long-lasting treatment that requires minimal downtime.

Do we have your attention? Let’s explain. CALIBRE was developed to provide a real alternative to surgery or penis implants, and the results are immediate. Perfect for men from all walks of life, there’s no downtime for recovery, meaning you can have your treatment and carry on with your day as normal. We’ve provided hundreds of men with a solution to their penis concerns, helping them to be happier and more comfortable with their bodies. Thanks to modern medicine, we are able to increase your self esteem, so why not take advantage of that?

“But what about a penis pump, I heard they grow your dick?” Thanks to cameos in Austin Powers and Magic Mike, men around the world have been adding a penis pump into their shopping basket in the hopes it will result in a more prominent member. We hate to break it to you, but that’s not the way you should be approaching the situation of growing your penis.

Penis Pumps, do they even work?

Also known as a vacuum pump, a penis pump is a contraption used to instantly treat erectile dysfunction. A tube is placed around the penis creating a vacuum, the air is then pumped out of the tube causing blood to flow to the penis, which leads to swelling and an erection. Penis pump devices are more or less the same, though they vary in whether the pump is manual or battery-powered, or if there is a seal/ring fitting to go around the base of the penis. A constriction ring can also be placed around the base of the penis to keep the blood inside.

Whether they are an effective solution for penis enlargement is a different story. Since their inception, many men have claimed using a penis pump has given them a bigger dick from regular use. But this is simply not the case.

Can you get permanent gains from pumping?

Despite what penis pump providers might claim, they do not help with penis enlargement. What they are effective in is increasing blood flow to your penis helping you achieve an erection to have penetrative sex, and when used safely, can be a great method for this.

Whilst it is true a penis pump may add a length to the end, it is only temporary and not an effective solution to permanently increase the size of your penis. Currently, there is more research being conducted on the combination of penis pumps with a Platelet-Rich-Plasma procedure (PRP), but we would be hesitant to suggest any benefit from this until there is more scientific research to support this.

Is a penis pump safe?

If you are physically fit and follow the directions, it is usually safe to use a penis pump. However, there can be some complications from using the device incorrectly. Penis pumps can cause pain, bruising, burst blood vessels, numbness, tingling, discolouration, lack of firmness, unnatural feeling erections or painful ejaculation. Follow the instructions accompanying it closely to minimise your risks.

Other ways to grow your penis

One method is the CALIBRE technique – our solution to penis enlargement.
Renowned facial plastic and ENT surgeon, Dr Jayson Oates, has been recognised globally as a leader in injectable penis augmentation. Responsible for developing the CALIBRE technique, he has also personally trained and certified all of our practising doctors at CALIBRE.

The CALIBRE technique is the injection of dermal fillers just below the skin of the penis. With this quick and efficient procedure, you’ll see the difference immediately.

Dr Oates has specialised in facial plastics and ENT surgery for 20 years. He also happens to know a thing or two about penis enlargement. Dr Oates weighed in on the penis enlargement products available on the market and how effective they really are…

“It never ceases to amaze me the number of online ads for penis enlargement pills, penis oil and penis creams. Is there any reason to believe that a pill does anything at all?” Dr Oates says.

“I am looking through ads with great names like ‘Bazooka Penis,’ or making claims such as bigger and thicker by 2–4 inches. 4 inches! Well, then maybe I should try them. If I just got a 2-inch increase, I would be happy”, he says.

“OK – so they are ‘all-natural,’ and maybe some of these supplements do increase blood flow, maybe you will get better quality erections… maybe. But, the PRP shot is all-natural (using your own platelets from your blood), and it is much more likely to make a noticeable difference.”

He also suggests that no side effects mean no results. “These incredibly powerful supplements always claim no side effects. To me, no side effects mean no effects. Anything strong enough to make a real difference has the potential to create side effects. Herbal supplements have a well-documented history of side effects right up to causing death.”

Dr Oates also summarised that Rhino horn is made of keratin – like your fingernails – and jokes to chew your nails and leave the rhinos alone. Similarly, a Tiger penis is certainly important for the potency of the male tiger who owned it, but it won’t do YOU any good. Fortunately, these are not available in Australia, and hopefully, the practice is rapidly dying out in China and South-East Asia.

So do any pills increase the size of your penis?

“Well, for your flaccid penis, actually yes. Medicines that block the Alpha 1 adrenaline receptor have been noted to reduce ‘shrinkage’. These medicines are used to reduce blood pressure or to assist with urine flow in men with enlarged prostates. They relax smooth muscle and keep some small blood vessels open. I have heard of guys wanting to take them just to reduce their shrinkage.”

But here is a shortlist of just some of the potential side effects:

  • Headache
  • Pounding heart
  • Increase weight
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Postural hypo-tension (dropping blood pressure on standing up)
  • Erectile problems

Yohimbe, although not approved for sale in Australia (Dr Oates is unsure why), is a supplement that has Alpha 1 blockade effects, which he believes may be the reason behind its reputation for penis enlargement. “My advice is don’t take prescription medicines without it having been prescribed for you by your doctor”, says Dr Oates.

It is certainly frustrating for trained medical professionals to see what is marketed to men for penis enlargement, preying on deep insecurities and is an area needing more consumer protection.

Final words of advice from Dr Oates are, “If you are a bit overweight and want to increase the size and performance of your penis, there is something you can do. It is all-natural. It increases your sexual performance and helps you live longer! Do some exercise, get in shape and lose the gut. For every 10kg of fat you lose, you will reveal half an inch of the penis that is hidden under the fat!”

Here at CALIBRE we aren’t fans of these supposed penis enlargement options. We much prefer other non-surgical solutions to increase the size and girth of your penis. The procedures we do offer can even be used to treat complications from penile surgery, and are both discreet and effective.

How does CALIBRE work?

Dermal fillers have been used for cosmetic procedures – mainly in the lips and cheeks – for many years. Dr Oates developed his technique to be suitable for penis enlargement procedures here in Australia, following a history of dermal fillers being used for this purpose in other areas of the world. Korea actually sees more penile enlargement treatments than any other single country, and it’s estimated that 80% of these are completed using dermal fillers.

A 15ml treatment gives an increase of around 1 inch in the penis’ girth when it’s flaccid, equating to around 0.5–0.7 inches when erect. The extra weight on the penis, caused by the fillers, may also lead to an increase in flaccid length. After being injected, the fillers remain malleable for about two weeks where during this time, you can smooth out any bumps to ensure a symmetrical appearance. Most patients will require between 1-3 sessions for optimum results. After this time the filler is absorbed into the tissue, gradually breaking down over the next 18 to 24 months, depending on the individual. The CALIBRE treatment is long-lasting, yet quickly and easily reversible if required.

One of the fantastic benefits of CALIBRE is the convenience. As there’s no surgery involved, there’s no downtime for recovery either. As it’s also possible for you to drive after the procedure, you really can come in for your treatment and carry on with your day as normal with minimal disruptions.

Another benefit is that CALIBRE offers instant results, and our patients say results are noticed by their sexual partners too. There’s no reported loss of sensitivity and no adverse effects on the strength of your erection. We believe feeling good about your body has a positive impact on your mental health, bringing you even more benefits from this treatment.

Who is CALIBRE suited for?

CALIBRE is suitable for most men looking for a non-surgical option to enlarge their penis. We have successfully treated men of all ages with members of all shapes and sizes. Many have been wanting to correct issues from previous surgery, or feel a bit more confident in the bedroom. We understand talking about issues like this can feel embarrassing, but be rest assured our team of CALIBRE certified doctors are highly experienced professionals who will make you feel at ease, treating each consultation and treatment session with sensitivity and discretion. At your initial consultation the treatment will be explained, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

Having developed the CALIBRE treatment, Medical Director Dr Oates oversees the team of CALIBRE certified doctors, ensuring you receive your treatment from a suitably qualified and experienced physician. All of our doctors have the necessary levels of knowledge and skills to carry out your treatment safely whether that’s in our Perth, Sydney or Melbourne Clinics.


With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic procedures and surgeries, Dr Oates is well respected by patients and peers alike. He undertook further training with leading practitioners in cosmetic surgery and treatments in Europe and the USA following his initial medical and surgical studies. Regularly called upon as an expert by the media, he was also President of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery from 2005 for six years.

At CALIBRE Clinic Melbourne, Dr Cuong Danh is our expert in cosmetic injections, with a background in family and emergency medicine. Dr Danh has trained and worked with Dr Oates for the last 6 years across our Perth and Melbourne clinics.

Dr Ingrid Tall brings over 20 years of experience in cosmetic and GP medicine to our clinic in Brisbane. You might recognise Dr Tall from when she was a medical reporter for Channel 10 News in 1993, at the time reporting on the phenomenon of laser resurfacing for facial rejuvenation.

If you would like lasting penis growth solutions, let us discuss what we can do for you. Contact CALIBRE Clinic today to arrange your initial consultation. We would love to be your trusted, non-surgical solution.One method is the CALIBRE technique – our solution to penis enlargement.