Permanent Glans Augmentation

Permanent Glans Augmentation

Permanent filler for the glans?

We now have a permanent option for augmentation of the glans (head) of the penis. It involves injection of a permanent gel filler that has been available in Europe for nearly twenty years and in Australia for around 15. There have been a couple of groups around the world using it for augmentation of the head of the penis for some time now. The group in Spain has presented their results using relatively small volumes of the filler but achieving nice long term increase in the size of the glans penis with minimal complications. It may be done with local anaesthetic cream or a tiny injection of local anaesthetic usually only two to three mls of the permanent filler used in each session and routinely the typical 3 centimetre diameter of the glands is increased to about 3.5 centimeters. This treatment can be repeated after two months once it’s had a chance to settle down. It just requires the usual post procedure cleanliness there will be a small tape on the entry site for the first day or two. It is only mildly tender and the great thing is that finally gives us the opportunity of a permanent augmentation of the head of the penis which has been very difficult to achieve previously.

Prices at $2,200 for 2 ml.

Dr Jayson Oates
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