PRP Procedure “P Shot” Eros Procedure

PRP Procedure “P Shot” Eros Procedure

PRP Procedure “P Shot” Eros Procedure

So what is PRP and what can it do?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets are tiny cell ‘fragments’ in the blood stream that are important in clotting and carrying the growth factors used in healing. PRP is produced in a process of taking a blood sample, spinning it a medical centrifuge (twice for “PURE PRP) and decanting the platelets in concentrated form. We have been interested in this for several years but have not been convinced the preparation methods yielded high enough quality PRP to actually work.

We now have the Emcyte PUREPRP system. It collects 60ml or 120ml of blood – so quite a lot. It is a sealed system for safety. It gets spun twice to remove the red blood cells and collect the maximum number of platelets. We get almost 8ml or 16 ml (depending on the kit/blood taken) of PURE PRP where the platelets have been concentrated by 6 – 8 times to around 1,000,000/ml. This is the level needed to achieve a medical change.

PRP has been used extensively in oral surgery and bone grafts, orthopaedic surgery and as treatment for arthritis. Only recently has enough evidence been collected to show real benefits. PRP is starting to be used for hair regrowth and other areas of cosmetic and ‘regenerative medicine’.

For use in the penis, first the penis needs to be numb – but we are experienced with that using numbing cream. Four injections of 1 ml are made on each side into the corpus cavernosum, the erectile tissue. A light bandage is used overnight and there may be some slight bruising.

But why? The main reason is for erectile dysfunction (ED) – to improve the quality, frequency and hardness of erections. The growth factors in platelets help restore and increase the blood vessels supplying the erectile tissue. I will soon also post about Shock Wave Therapy for ED as it holds great promise combined with PRP.

What about size? Although there are claims for there to be an ‘immediate’ increase in size I don’t believe it. There may be something to combining PRP with a pumping (or stretching) program and getting better gains than would have been gained by pumping alone. We can supply you with the pumping regime suggested to be used with PRP to maximise growth.

So PRP for the penis, the injections are quick, easy, minimal discomfort and little to no down time. The preparation of the PRP takes about 30 min which is used for the numbing cream to work.