The Penis Worm

The Penis Worm

Museum Victoria are announcing the new findings of deep sea exploration in the Australian Eastern Abyss. Called Sampling the Abyss, 40 scientists looked at what lives at depth of up to 4000m below the surface and have travelled from Eastern Tasmania all the way up to central Queensland. Dr Tim O’Hara, Senior Curator of Museums Victoria, says “The abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet, covering half of the world’s oceans but remains the most unexplored environment on Earth”.

They had previously discovered “Mr Blobby” (see below) and now the “Penis Worm”. Although, after deciding that the name “Penis Worm” would not work in the scientific community, it has now been named the Peanut Worm (as it looks like a peanut when it retracts). The Peanut Worm reproduces sexually (now that is a picture I need to get out of my head) and also asexually – by itself. Sounding more and more like a penis worm.

They also found 200 years’ worth of junk at the bottom of the ocean from when ships first started coming to Australia.


Mr Blobby


Surprisingly, this is NOT the Penis Worm