Who Is Actually Getting CALIBRE Done?

Who is the CALIBRE treatment for

Who Is Actually Getting CALIBRE Done?


Who is actually getting Calibre Done?


The typical CALIBRE patient

Although studies have shown 40 – 60% of guys have some concerns about their penis size – who actually is getting Calibre done?

Well the youngest have been in their mid twenties and oldest late 60’s. We don’t really treat micro penis – erect length of less than 7.5cm – but some guys are smaller than average. Of course, statistically 50% of guys are below average (that’s what average means).

But what is average? Well the best published paper is probably by Professor Veale of Kings College in the British Journal of Urology 2015 with data on 15 521 men. Flaccid length was 9cm and erect was 13cm, girth just over 9cm flaccid and 11.5 erect. So less than usually claimed. This pretty much matches up with my experience.

Certainly we get well endowed guys too. Frequently they don’t even realise they are above average. Some do, they like being a big guy and like the idea of being even bigger.

What is the same about all of our patients? They want to feel confident and comfortable about their bodies. And that includes their penis. Studies have shown that feeling self-conscious about penis size has an onflow effect into other areas of a guy’s life such as work and relationships. Most guys don’t want to go to the extreme of having surgery but pills, potions, creams, exercises, pumps, stretching devices etc are everywhere on the internet. I will talk about these in another blog. But their popularity shows that guys are wanting to do something. Now with CALIBRE we have a real medical alternative, with real results as can be seen on our gallery without the risks and downtime of surgery.


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