More CALIBRE Research

More CALIBRE Research

Today my co-author Dr Gemma Sharp PhD is presenting a poster at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference 2017 in Canberra titled the “Psychological Outcomes of Penile Augmentation”. Our thanks to those patients who participated in this research. Very little has been published on the psychological outcomes of men having penis augmentation so we thought we would take this opportunity to contribute.

There has been increasing interest in the procedure of injectable penile augmentation as an alternative to surgical increase in size. We are getting more men coming in for the procedure. We surveyed 25 men who previously had the CALIBRE procedure using online validated sexual health questionnaires. There were measures of motivation, satisfaction, genital self-imagepenile dysmorphic disorder, self-esteem and sexual relationship satisfaction looking at these before and after having the procedure to increase the size of their penis.

Perhaps for most guys, the motivations were not surprising – wanting to feel more self confident, having been self conscious about their penis size, to want to fill out their underwear and just look bigger and wanting to be better sexually.

There are significant improvements in how they guys felt about the appearance of their penis and less rating of penile dysmorphic disorder and over all self esteem. Overall confidence showed a strong trend to improve, and interestingly they rated their relationships to be unchanged. I guess it is as I would expect – that the guys are feeling better about themselves and that is exactly what CALIBRE is all about.

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