Penis enlargement for males: the good and bad solutions

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Penis enlargement for males: the good and bad solutions

Putting effort into our appearance is something we all do to varying degrees, but is something that has become more important to men in recent years. Staying fit and healthy through exercise, taking an interest in what we wear, investing in skincare – it’s all part of a man’s world in the 21st century. And the effects of this shouldn’t be underestimated. Taking pride in ourselves helps us feel good and gives us the self-confidence to be the best we can be. It’s not surprising, even natural, that this attention extends to all areas of the body for men. According to recent studies, as many as 60% of men have concerns over the size and shape of their penis.

Over recent years, the products available to practitioners to address these areas of concern have been gradually improving. Today, injectable dermal fillers allow men to ‘add a little extra’ to their penis if they feel they could benefit from it. That’s where CALIBRE comes in.

CALIBRE offers the option of a cosmetic treatment that’s non-surgical and doesn’t require any downtime – meaning you can literally drive away from your appointment and carry on with your day. CALIBRE treatments are long-lasting and offer a real alternative to surgery when it comes to penis enlargement.

Now, although we have come a long way in terms of penis enlargement solutions, there are still many advertised ways to enhance the size of your member. Unfortunately, research suggests that some of these options simply do not work, offer false hope, and could even cause lifelong damage.

Ways to enlarge your penis; the good, the bad and the ugly

Penis enlargement exercises

Time and time again we read of people claiming that penis enlargement exercises can give men a bigger penis. These penis enlargement exercises consist of stretching your penis in different directions, with the typical routine seeing you pull your penis upwards, downwards, left and right – holding it in each position for ten seconds.

The penis enlargement exercise gaining the most traction online is called ‘jelqing’. For this exercise, you make a circle with your index finger and thumb around your penis, apply pressure, and move up and down.

Although these penis enlargement exercises cost nothing and, if done correctly, won’t cause any harm, there is no scientific evidence to back it up. Although many men claim these penis enlargement exercises have increased their penis girth, they aren’t supported by any studies or doctors. We’re sure if it worked, everyone would be doing it!

Penis pumps

We hear the question asked, what about penis pumps? Penis pumps are one of the more well-known methods used to achieve penis enlargement, claiming to be a cost-effective, surgery-free way to get a bigger dick. Although penis pumps are effective in achieving erections for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, they are not effective for penis enlargement.

How does a penis pump work? Placing a tube around the shaft of the penis creates a vacuum, you then pump air out of the tube causing blood to flow to the penis, leading to swelling and ultimately, an erection. So, it can give you an erection? Sure thing! Penis pumps can be a great, instant solution to treat erectile dysfunction and help men gain confidence back in the bedroom, however, don’t expect the effects to last outside the bedroom.

The swelling and erection from the use of a penis pump will last around 30 minutes and whilst this growth may appear like you have a bigger penis, it is only temporary. There is no research to validate the claims that it has a lasting effect to use as a penis enlargement method. Penis pumps also need to be used with extreme caution, as too much air pressure can cause injury.

Pills and creams

Our advice would be to steer clear of any pill or lotion that claims to increase the size of your dick, no matter how ‘natural’ they claim to be. At best, they just won’t work, but there is a risk they could cause damage to your penis. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies who prey on men who are insecure about their penis size, making them believe they need to use their products to achieve penis enlargement. Products such as testosterone supplements are not backed by scientific evidence to show growth in penis size. Similarly, products on the market that claim to be hormone-free, all-natural vitamins for penis enlargement, are almost guaranteed not to work.

There have also been some non-medical attempts at permanent penis augmentation including injecting a variety of oils, Vaseline, industrial-grade silicon and cheap online ‘miracle products’. Not surprisingly, these have led to significant complications, infections, grotesque deformities, amputation and, in rare cases, death.

Other injectables

Around the world, there have been some permanent dermal fillers available for penis enlargement. Initially, there was medical-grade silicone, but this has now been withdrawn from commercial use globally. Whilst some people have had very successful injections of silicone into the face, many others have endured tragic results. Once injected, the silicone is surrounded by scar tissue which then infiltrates the surrounding tissue. It can only be removed via surgical excision, which is extremely difficult and often disfiguring.

Internationally, there is PMMA – Poly Methyl MethAcrylate. The most common industrial use for PMMA is to make transparent plastic you might know as Plexiglass or Perspex. For cosmetic use, the brands of PMMA used are Metacrill, Linnear Safe and Artefill.

PMMA works by stimulating the body to produce collagen, with some men having had PMMA penis augmentation with great results. But for many, they develop unsightly and painful disfigurement. Following the injection of PMMA, common problems include hardening, and the formation of large disfiguring nodules, which are challenging to correct with surgery. The potential for infection is also higher given the insertion of foreign objects (which the body will try to fight) and difficulty to treat the infection whilst the PMMA particles remain inside. Surgical excision can cause further scar tissue and potentially shorten the penis as these scars contract. These implications might not develop initially, but there is always the risk of them occurring down the track plus very few surgeons have experience in correcting PMMA augmentation problems and most will prefer not to attempt these corrective surgeries.

As with any decision, men really need to weigh up their ‘need’ for penis enlargement versus the risks associated with the injectable product used. If the risks are too high, the procedure might just not be worth it.

We’re sorry if the information we’ve shared about other products or procedures on the market might not be what you wanted to hear, but we can’t endorse anything we don’t trust!

With that in mind you might be wondering what effective, non-surgical and lasting penis enlargement options are available? Let us introduce you to CALIBRE, the pioneer in injectable penis augmentation.

The CALIBRE technique

After 20 years of specialising in facial plastic and ENT surgery, Dr Jayson Oates developed the CALIBRE injectable penis enlargement procedure. Dr Oates is a leader in his field and personally trained and certified all of the practising doctors at CALIBRE Clinic.

Unlike surgical options, the procedure can be completed in an hour and requires minimal recovery time. Since CALIBRE clinic began offering the procedure in Perth, it’s been growing in popularity with locations now in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Because CALIBRE doesn’t share many of the disadvantages that come with traditional surgical methods of penis enlargement, it’s become a popular treatment. With less risk of complications, compared to surgery, it also requires very little recovery time, meaning an extended lunch break is all that is needed. Men from all walks of life have opted for CALIBRE treatments. We’ve helped men, young and old with penises of all different shapes and sizes.

How does it work?

Dermal fillers are injected just below the skin of the penis – a very similar technique to how dermal fillers are used on other areas of soft tissue like cheeks and lips. The effects are noticeable immediately. A 15ml treatment can give an increase in flaccid girth of about 1 inch, an increase of 0.5 – 0.7 inches when erect. Due to the weight of the filler, there can also be an increase in flaccid length.

The fillers remain malleable for about two weeks. During this time, any irregularities or bumps from the first injection can be smoothed out. After this time, and over the next 18 to 24 months, the fillers are gradually and safely absorbed by the body. How long the effects will last varies for each individual, but when the same product is used on someone’s face, its effectiveness lasts around two years.

When applied to the penis the effects could be longer, as the enzyme that eventually breaks down the hyaluronic acid-based product is found in lower concentrations in the penis, but sometimes small top-ups are needed.

Of course, results will vary from patient to patient and before starting any treatment you’ll have a private consultation with a CALIBRE certified doctor. Typically, you’ll need between 1 and 3 treatment sessions for the best results. When you meet with the doctor the procedure and what to expect will be explained in detail, and you’ll be able to ask in person any questions you may have.

What to expect from CALIBRE

CALIBRE has become so popular due to the non-surgical nature of the treatment, no downtime required for recovery, and fewer of the associated risks of surgery. Other positive benefits include the fact you won’t experience any loss of sensation when it comes to sexual activity, nor will there be any negative impact on the strength of your erection.

Some men can feel embarrassed when talking about such a personal and sensitive issue like penis size, but be rest assured that the doctors at CALIBRE handle all consultations with appropriate sensitivity and discretion.

To give you a better understanding of what to expect, here’s a snippet of an interview with the brains behind CALIBRE, Dr Jayson Oates FRACS.

Graeme Watson, from Out in Perth Magazine, spoke to Dr Oates about the groundbreaking CALIBRE technique. Dr Oates said people considering the procedure should have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

“We do get people who come in, and they want to be the biggest their partner has ever seen,” Dr Oates says, “But it’s not really about that. Like everything in cosmetic surgery, it’s about making the person feel more comfortable about themselves and their own body. It’s not necessarily about trying to impress other people.”

“We can’t make a small or average penis into a gigantic one, it just doesn’t work like that, but we can make a noticeable improvement,” says Dr Oates. “The procedure can add around 15–30% increase to the circumference of the penis. The added weight can often also add a little lengthening too.”

What is important is that safety is one of the key considerations that should come to mind when thinking about a cosmetic procedure. With the inviting option of some attractive prices when looking into having procedures done overseas, peace of mind and patient safety should be your top priority. When having a procedure in Australia you know that national standards have to be met, plus you can easily see your doctor should you require following a procedure. For us, this outweighs any competitive overseas options.

How much does penis enlargement cost?

Whilst CALIBRE is non-surgical, it’s still a medical procedure. That’s why it is essential to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our certified doctors before deciding whether or not to proceed with treatment. These doctor consultation fees start from $170 AUD.

The pricing for CALIBRE penis augmentation depends on the type and volume of product used. For example, our most popular Platinum CALIBRE Package consists of 15mL. The 15mL package of the TGA Approved Gel Filler costs $7,900, whilst the TGA Approved Collagen Stimulator costs $12,375. Both these packages generally take one full session and one-touch up after a few years. You can read an in-depth product breakdown here.

To see which penis augmentation products and actions are best for you, consult with one of our doctors at CALIBRE. We are well versed in all things relating to penis enlargement and work with men looking to enhance their members every day. So, when you’re ready, let’s discuss what we can do for you.