Penis Lengthening

Penis lengthening

Penis Lengthening

CALIBRE is a treatment to increase penile girth, using TGA approved cosmetic fillers. It is not a lengthening procedure. Some men will have an increase in flaccid length due to the weight and resistance to recoil from the product under the skin. For very strong retraction even CALIBRE will not be enough to prevent the “turtling”.

There are some supplements and medications that have some anti – shrinkage effect. These are the blood pressure lowering medication in the alpha blocking group. Sometimes we will utilize this effect at the start of the treatment to reduce the shrinkage and allow the product to settle more smoothly. There is a supplement called Yohimbe which has a reputation for increasing the size of the penis. It seems to have got this reputation by having a mild alpha blockade effect and reduces shrinkage. Yohimbe is not an approved substance in Australia but in some places around the world, like the USA, it can be purchased in supermarkets or online.

But what about getting a real increase in penis length? Prof D. Veale of Kings College London on reviewing studies including 15521 men1 found the average flaccid length was about 9.2cm (3.66 inches) and erect 13.1 cm (5.25 inches). So maybe your length is not as small as you are worried about. But you still want to know about surgery.

Surgical Penis Lengthening

Suspensory ligament division is the basis of gaining length. Attached to the underside of the pelvic bone the erectile tissue has about as much length forming the foundation as there is in the shaft. It is held to the bone by the suspensory ligament. If the ligament is divided it is possible to advance some of the erectile tissue from the foundation into the shaft. Getting it to stay there is the difficulty. Various methods have been used to block the penis from retracting back and reattaching to where it had come from and losing the increase in length. In fact, it can retract back in further and become shorter than before the surgery. Fat grafts or silicone blocks are some options for preventing the penis from retracting and technique varies from surgeon to surgeon. What tends to be a constant between surgeons is the post-op use of a stretching device usually for 3 – 6 hours a day for 3 – 6 months.

Surgeons will claim to be able to achieve 1- 2” (2.5- 5 cm) of increased flaccid length. Most surgeons admit that it does not give increased erect length. These increases are only if the patient uses the stretching device as above. There have been studies2,3 that have shown increases in flaccid length of around 1” with 4 hours/day for 6 months. So that raises the question – If you get the same increase in length for the same amount of use of a stretching device, how much did the surgery contribute?

Non-Surgical Options

As mentioned there have been published studies in medical journals demonstrating an increase in length using stretching devices2,3. The best online resource for nonsurgical lengthening is the forum There is a wealth of information on a range of traction options to result in a longer penis.

    1. Jelqing – Penis stretching exercises. These supposedly have a history going back to middle age Arabic cultures. Heat, time and not overdoing the force are suggested to be important. Lots of reported success but not scientific proof.
    2. Traction Devices – There are a wide range of described stretchers. Many are easily commercially available (I will list some below – I have no interest in any of these). The forum also describes how to make your own. As well as having some evidence they work there are also a number of reports of injuries especially from overdoing weight with hanging.
    3. Vacuum Pump – These have medical use in erectile dysfunction. With the reduced pressure caused by pumping it sucks blood into the penis. This then can be kept there by using elastic rings thus maintaining the erection. When used in post prostatectomy surgery impotence this may help prevent loss of length4 (but not as much as medications to produce erections). There does not seem to be evidence nor support of pumps increasing penile length.

A member of collated the published results of forum members and found an average gain of just over 1.6cm. This seems realistic. It is low cost and low risk. Obviously some members claim much larger gains and have suggestions on how to achieve that.

So, my recommendation for guys wanting increased length is to do some research on and with care try some sort of consistent traction therapy before considering heading towards surgery.

I have no financial links with any device or company or website mentioned.

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