Scrotal Enhancement – Scrotox

scrotox - scrotal enhancement procedure

Scrotal Enhancement – Scrotox

After a couple of enquires this week on both scrotal enlargement and Botox for the scrotum, I thought I better help with some information.

Some guys like the idea of a fuller scrotum. Normal testicular volume is 15 – 20 ml with some gradual decline with aging. I have a friend with a condition called a hydrocele which is extra fluid in the scrotum. It gives him a full bulge in his pants and he is happy to keep it. There is the option of injecting filler into the scrotum as well. In this case we need to use a ‘thinner’ version of hyaluronic acid because the ‘thicker/stiffer’ form we use for CALIBRE is too solid and feels like a third testicle.

Because of this, we don’t know how long this product will last in the scrotum. Some guys have asked about permanent fillers like PMMA into the scrotum, however this seems like a really bad idea. PMMA (medically produced tiny balls of acrylic plastic) works by stimulating the body’s production of collagen (it is like a scar). The scrotum is lubricated with thin hyaluronic acid liquid already, so the testicles do have the ability to move. Scaring the testicles with PMMA/scar tissue sounds like a bad idea.

To obtain a reasonable increase in bulge, a minimum of 10 ml is needed, however 20ml would be even better.

In 2013 Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live gave us the Scrotox skit. The joke was that guys would want to smooth their scrotum. Well actually some do. Alec makes fun of how painful it is having it “injected right into your balls”. But don’t worry that is not really the plan.

There is great variability on how ‘low’ a guy’s testicles hang. The scrotum has skin with muscle in it (the dartos muscle) which is why it can wrinkle up and contract. In some guys, this is more relaxed and lower and some guys prefer that look. Some guys even find that it is actually painful having their scrotum so tight.

To actually have the Botox, first you will need to have local anaesthetic cream on for 15 – 30 minutes. The pricks are very superficial, just into the skin itself. It takes 50 – 100 units to make the difference. Usually we start with just 50 units and see it that is enough. For guys wanting to maintain the benefit, it needs to be repeated every 4 months (usually 3 months) after the first treatment.

To actually get the testicles themselves to hang lower, it may be necessary to inject deeper to the cremaster muscle which is responsible for retracting the testicle itself up. This may also be necessary for guys who find that a tight scrotum is painful. Usually we start with just the superficial injection to see if that is enough.

A well trained cremaster muscle allows you to do this


Dr Jayson Oates
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