The Ideal Calibre Penis

The Ideal Calibre Penis

The Ideal Calibre Penis

Patients often ask what is the perfect pre-injection penis for having the CALIBRE procedure for enlarging the size of their penis. Well here are the top 5 characteristics to make our job of injectable penoplasty easier.

1. Circumcised – preferably ‘low and tight’. Being uncut or having a relatively loose circumcision provides more skin for the hyaluronic acid to go into. But we don’t want it to accumulate around the glans (head).

2. Shower not a grower – Guys who get a lot of ‘shrinkage/turtling’ may ‘scrunch’ up the hyaluronic acid in the early setting period leading to some slight irregularity in the contour. This can be improved with regular massage in the initial week and why we like to do the injections over 2 sessions.

3. Mushroom shape – the glans/head to be bigger than the shaft. Then we are increasing the size of the shaft to match the glans. We want to avoid the ‘sausage in a bun’ look were the shaft is thicker than the glans. It is possible to get some increase in the size of the glans as well but it takes a surprisingly large amount of product to make a significant change.

4. Average size – CALIBRE procedure is not a treatment for micro penis – erect length of less than 7.5 cm (3 inches). It is to increase the girth of the penis, not it’s length (although many guys find the flaccid length is increased because it just hangs out further). We get plenty of guys with very substantial penis sizes, like over 7 inches long and 6 inches erect circumference. The problem then is they are so big to start with it takes a lot of product (say 20+ml) to get a noticeable increase in size.

5. Not being overweight – having a significant gut overhanging your penis just hides what you currently have. Frequently I advise guys to lose weight – for every 10kg you lose you reveal about 1/2 inch in penis length. If losing weight is just not going to happen then we can do liposuction.

Now if you don’t fulfill these 5 criteria for the ‘perfect penis’ then don’t worry. Being uncircumcised is now much more common so we perform CALIBRE on lots of guys who are uncut. Being a grower is a common reason why guys come to us. Having CALIBRE seems to help reduce this for lots of our patients. Just follow your after instructions. Shaft the same thickness as your glans? No problem – we can balance up your injections. Your penis size is what it is – that’s why guys come to us. Losing weight makes your penis longer – now a real reason to get into shape!